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This is how we make business development digital

  • Gathering of data/info from your online systems, platforms and organization
  • Combine and visualize data from and for all departments
  • Online micro tools what limits repeating manual work
  • Integration between online systems and platforms
  • Intuitive info screens and dashboards

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What our clients are saying

Kaltech Gearservice ApS

“We wanted something that could integrate easily with other programs or software. Databoard provided all that.”
— Björg Jóhannsdóttir, IT Manager, Kaltech


“Databoard gives our customers a great view of what we do. The solution has added a lot of value to our company.”
— Lars Potter, Internal Sales Engineer, Dialight

Primagaz Danmark A/S

“We were sold when Databoard customized a module that visualized the communication & it was flexible to use”
— Helle Arnov, IT Manager, Primagaz