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10 Tips & Tricks To Help You Stand Out at Trade Shows Online & Offline

Databoard has visited and exhibited in several trade shows, of which two are ISE 2018 and IBMWSDK 2017. It was a first time experience for Databoard at both events and when you are a young company you learn a lot doing things for the first time. In this blog we will share all our tips and tricks for trade shows, so you and any other (small) business won’t forget anything. Our tips are divided into three sections, before, during and after the event. 

Preparations before an event

Tip 1. Find as much information as you can about the event
Important-AV-TradeshowsThis may seem like a logical step, but you need to know what information you are exactly looking for. You, of course, need practical information about where the event takes place and what the agenda is. This information is easy to find because it is provided by the organizers of the trade shows:

  • The organizers
  • The program
  • Important moments

The interesting information that is not always easy to find when you are new to a trade show is related to online marketing.

Tip 2. Important media and news sources
Try to figure out which media will be covering the event, some are hired by the organizers of the event and some of them by exhibitors at the event. Make a list and follow them all on all important social media channels. This brings us to the next point.

Tip 3. Important social media channels to follow
After you know which media will be covering the event, you need to find out on which social media channels they will post all their content. Knowing this will help you to engage with them and get your own company name or brand out there. Make sure to follow also important exhibitors and engage with them.

Tip 4. Important hashtagsImportant Digital Signage Trade Show Hashtags
Each event has its own hashtag or several hashtags, make sure you know them and include them in each social media post. There are also hashtags that are related to the event but are made by other companies who are attending the event, check out if any of them can be used by your company in social media posts and use it.

Tip 5. Prepare marketing material
Think about what kind of marketing material is appropriate to give to your stand visitors. At ISE 2018 there were several marketing materials that were popular

  • Freebies
  • Goodie Bags
  • Flyers

These materials are nice, especially the goodie bags because everyone notices a goodie bag and its free advertising for your brand. But if you don’t want to make your visitors uncomfortable with material that they need to carry, have an iPad or a notepad ready where they can sign up for a newsletter or information that they can receive on their email instead of having a flyer or a goodie bag.

Preparations for during an event

Tip 6. Prepare online content
When going to trade shows like ISE, make sure you are active online as well as offline during the event. Schedule posts for your social media and blogs before going to the event because you won’t have time to make normal daily posts or blogs. You will be focusing to engage with other companies present at the trade show online and offline.

Tip 7. Have teams ready for different tasks and shifts

You need three teams and all three teams can have 1-2 people.

  • Content Team: responsible for making images, videos and interview visitors of your stand
  •  Stand Team: responsible to engage with visitors of the stand and make them interested in the products
  • Create Awareness Team: responsible to walk around during trade shows and create awareness of your stand or brand and also, of course, check out the competition

Tip 8. Don’t forget anything

Checklist Trade ShowMake sure you write down your plan in bullet points and have access to it all times during the event so you don’t forget anything. You can either hang up your plan in your hotel room or you can make for yourself notifications in your calendar so you don’t miss anything. We forgot to check out the Google stand at ISE, which is something we still regret 🙁

Preparations after the event

Tip 9. Prepare content concepts

If you have not thought about content concepts for video and blogs, make sure you do it right after you come back from an event because everything is fresh in your mind at that moment.

Tip 10. Thank everyone you have met

Thank everyone that you have met at the event through social media and personally, show them you appreciated their time and they will remember you.

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