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About Databoard

At Databoard we say no to business development with manually gathering of data/information, without solid parameters/KPIs and without an overview of how the entire company is performing

With Databoard you can get a clear overview of the health and culture of all layers/departments of the organization.

And data from your marketing, social media, sales, produktion, logistic and many other systems/platforms can be visualized for you and your organization.

We are the partner for you if 1) You want your business development process to be smart and digital. 2) If you want to use – and combine – data from your online system/platforms in a more clever and data-driven way. 3) If you want to encourage your organization to work smarter

Who we are

We are a team of senior business developers and serial entrepreneurs. We have been through several turn-arounds, business- and company development processes and execution of strategies. We have founded and launched very different companies within SaaS, tech, hardware, software, finance, investment, consulting and more. We have made been in management positions in organizations from 3 to +100 people with departments within digital marketing, production, finance, general management and tech development.

And one thing we know is we could have performed better, if we had the right data at the right time. So Databoard is based on tons of experience within business development.

Our vision

Our vision is that we want to make business development digital. No more assumptions and doubts about how things are going.

Both management and organization should have an easy and clear overview about all layers in the company, about all accessable data and about the effect from management initiatives.

Our goal

Better companies.

Less stress and chaos. And faster response to initiatives.

Happier and more motivated employees.

Enlightened managers.