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What is Databoard info screen?

With Databoard you get all your information gathered on one user-friendly, info screen. You decide yourself, exactly what you want to show on your Databoard screen. Whether it’s KPIs, pages from the Internet, Social media etc. If the module doesn’t exist yet, contact us and we will find a solution.

With a Databoard info screen in e.g. the office hallway or in the canteen, it is easy to share knowledge through all layers of the organization because you can ditch all your mass-distributed e-mails. Therefore you can easily access information at any time.

In addition, Databoard can also be used to engage the employees in a game during their break, hence they can brainstorm across all departments or remember significant dates. In conclusion, Databoard is exactly what you want it to be.

Our vision

We say no to static info screens – Databoard is displayed in real time. Very high level of customization – world-class design and UX.

Our goal

To develop a platform where people all over the world can build their own info screen solution using modules.

Our ambition

To be the very best at making info screen system for digital workplaces via support, quality products and world-class user experience.

Our team

info screen ceo

Rasmus Brushøj

CEO and Founder