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Are you taking enough advantage of your reception info-screen?

Many companies have a reception but are not taking advantage of the opportunity they have to show themselves from their better side, while guests are waiting up til 5-10 minutes, at their reception. There are plenty of options for what kind of content you can display at your reception. It’s really easy to start, especially if you have some kind of content ready.

10 Tips for your reception info-screen

Here are our 10 tips on what kind of content you should present on your reception info-screen.

1. You can display your social media activity on your info-screen. This can differ from displaying your posts or the interactions you have with fans

2. Videos are a great way to grab the attention of visitors and convey a message much faster than any other media. You should display either a commercial, product video, testimonial video or a video of an event that your firm has attended

3. CSR programs have many benefits for an organization two important ones are brand recognition and positive business recognition. Let your CSR program shine and show what your brand stands for to anyone who steps for the first time in your reception

4. Customer cases are a great way to strengthen your social status as a brand. It can be something simple such as a quote, positive comments on social media or trust pilot reviews. If you have a video, definitely present it on the screen

5. Sharing open positions do not harm, it only means your company is growing. Sharing it to your visitors will only leave a positive image in their mind and they might even know someone who can fulfill the role

6. Employee branding is as important as your brand reputation and your value proposition.  Having a video about your employee branding or some nice quotes how your current employees experience their work will give any kind of audience a sneak peek into your company culture. This is especially important nowadays with the millennial generation that prefers a high quality and flexible working environment

7. Share your company values, it will clarify to your visitors why your company is doing things in certain ways and it might even influence their behavior or actions

8. Safety is an important aspect, especially in the production and storage field. If you are working in this field then it’s your responsibility to present some of the most important safety rules to your visitors at the reception. Preventing something is better than curing it after it has taken place

9. Sharing company goals will be nice a way to explain to your visitors what you are trying to do and achieve as a company. It is also a nice way to remind your own employees, every day when they enter the office, what they should be focusing on

10. Lastly, we think you should always try to inspire anyone that is spending a few minutes at your reception. Share why you are motivated to reach the goals you have, share why you have the values you have, share why you started your company in the first place. Because by inspiring people they will take the right actions to believe and support your cause

If you have a hard time to design some good graphics, read further

An important side note, make good quality graphics do not upload a Power Point presentation (something that still happens a lot) on your info-screen. If you don’t have a graphics department and want to design something of quality in a short time, try out Crello. Crello is a free tool where you can easily upload a picture of your own to edit or find one in their stock.

We presented you with some examples of how your reception info-screen can be organized. Here we have a short video to show you how easy it is to use Crello.

If you still have some questions or need some more inspiration, just contact us through our contact form.

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