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What Will You Receive When You Buy Databoard?

Our online shop is ready to take orders. This means when you order the Databoard license you will receive it as one of the first ones when it is ready to be shipped!

What is included in the Databoard license?

7 modules and the Databoard Player

  • The social media module: Facebook is the first social media module that’s available. You can display the latest posts of your Facebook company page, comments or selected KPI’s. With one glance on the Databoard, you will know what is happening in your online community. The module is suitable to keep track of developments on social media and gives you the opportunity to react faster to them, in a good manner.
  • The calendar integration module: Keep your employees and teams up to date about important events in your company. This module is coming with integrations to Exchange and Google calendars.
  • Weather: Show the weather forecasts for different cities that are relevant to your business.
  • Internal news: With this module, you will be sure all your employees are well-informed about all the internal news regarding your organization or company.
  • Info slider: Share basic internal information through this slider to all layers of the organization. Imagine the slider as a news bar like on news channels.
  • News: With the news-module, you can follow any news source that is relevant to your business (e.g. CNN, BBC, and TV2)
  • Pictures & Videos: Share interesting, informative or artistic media through pictures or a video.

To remind you of the Databoard benefits

it’s “super easy”

  • You can easily customize the design of the screen so it fits the identity of your organization or company
  • No install time. Plug in the Databoard player to your screen and you are good to go.
  • After creating your account, you select and organize the modules you need. Drag n’ drop the modules of your choice – Anywhere and in any size on the screen.

Ready to order, visit our Pricing page. When you still have questions regarding the product or you would like to attend a demo before purchase? Plan a demo through our website.

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