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Let’s answer all your questions. We want to make it as transparent as possible.

What is the difference between the Databoard infoscreen and other info screens?

The difference between the Databoard info-screen and other screens is that it is easy to use.

Other info-screens have limitations such as:

  • paid templates
  • or you need to hire another party to get a customized template
  • a developer needs to insert content to the info-screen, due to a complicated system
  • a developer needs to integrate new integrations to the info-screen

All these limitations are not present when using the Databoard info-screen. You drag and drop screen solutions as easy as emailing in MailChimp. Anyone who has access to the Editor can organize and upload content to the info-screen. Integrations are pre-made, they are easy to add to the info-screen, like adding Chrome extensions.

What is included when you buy a licence?

There is a free Databoard player included with a 2 year warranty on all players. A license gives access to all modules.

Do you have an app for the phone (iOS & Android)?

We are working on it, and it’s in the roadmap for 2018.

With this upcoming app, you will be able to upload content, and all company employees will be able to see the Databoard solution through the the app. This is a great function for external staff members.

How does it work?

Buy the number of license you need. 1 license = 1 screen.

You will access the Editor and this is where you build the solution with the drag and drop functionality. As soon the order is placed we will ship the players directly to the address.

When you receive the player, you connect it to the screen with HDMI, network cable and power.

We have built the player to start up full screen, so no need for mouse or keyboards.

Windows PC?

NOOOO more Windows updates that stop the solution or has to restart once a week.

Can I use other players?

Nope, for now you can only use a Databoard player.

What kind of screen can I use?

You can use all kind of screens, but we recommend a pro screen in portrait mode.

Want to know more? read about it in our “How to page”.

Does touch work on the screen?

Not yet, but it will come in the near future.

What kind of screen can I use?

What is included when you buy a licence?

You’ll get access to all standard modules and functions.

Still need help?

Book a meeting with the Databoard team, and let us show you all the amazing functions, features, and our vision! We would also love to hear your wishes

Rasmus Brushøj, CEO and co-founder