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Integrated Systems Europe 2018 NEC & Databoard

During Integrated Systems Europe 2018 (ISE 2018) Databoard was standing with NEC showcasing its cloud-based software for content management. Also, Databoard launched its new modules for Google Sheets and Internal Communication. We had a great experience as a team and we met great people. Therefore we want to thank everyone who showed interest in Databoard and spoke with us! Ultimately a special thank you to NEC for having us in their award-winning booth.

Databoard’s Google Sheets Module and Internal News Module 

Databoard displayed its software on NEC MultiSync X981UHD-2, a UHD screen perfectly suited for high demanding applications and larger meeting groups. We displayed various content like KPIs, images, videos, social media, news, internal news and of course Google Sheets. Integrated Systems Europe 2018 visitors could either visually see what Databoard is capable to display and at the same time see the software from close and try out the “drag and drop” functionality by themselves.

Obviously, we launched our Internal Communication Module and Google Sheets module with a lot of excitement during Integrated Systems Europe 2018!

What can these modules do?

The Internal Communication Module is developed with the idea to share news as detailed as possible but still short enough to understand it with a blink of an eye. Therefore you can share company news easily with this module through a combination of text and image with all departments of your organization, which is considered as one of the strongest combinations to send out a message.

Finally, the Google Sheets module, which impressed many because of its simplicity and abilities. This module provides a team with real-time data about how business is going. To clarify, you simply pick the most important cell in any Google Sheet and display it on the screen, if any changes take place in that cell, it will be automatically updated on the Databoard info screen.

Yes, it is possible to see this by yourself book a demo with us or sign up for our trial version.

NEC created endless impressions at Integrated Systems Europe 2018

For the retail, meetings and collaboration solutions NEC had the theme “creating endless impressions” where the focus was to engage, connect and impress viewers when they view a screen. NEC impressed everyone by its 24m2 LED media wall. Furthermore, they showed how companies can connect and engage with their co-workers and employees in other locations just through one screen.

For more details visit the website of NEC.

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