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Klipfolio Dashboard Integration

Databoard is a Klipfolio partner. We both have the goal to share knowledge through all layers of an organization, the similarities between the philosophies of our two products have made partnering with Klipfolio a natural fit for Databoard. As a partner, we can help you from the moment you want to subscribe to Klipfolio to assisting you in setting up your dashboard and on any other occasion. 

Benefits Klipfolio dashboards

With Klipfolio you can make a dashboard for each team (e.g. Marketing, Sales, Support, Development). Some teams need more than one dashboard, like a Marketing team. They need a dashboard for Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and social media to have a good overview of all their online activities. Additionally, dashboards will also help companies to predict and prevent certain situations, which will help them to react to them properly.

With the traditional whiteboard and data reports, it’s not possible to prevent or predict situations in real-time. Another advantage of real-time dashboards is that they can be shared and are available to everyone in an organization at any time (e.g. desktop, tv, and mobile phones).

How to integrate Klipfolio dashboard with Databoard

KPIs are great and one should definitely visualize them, but sometimes this can work counterproductive for employees, which is not the intention. A way to avoid that KPIs work counterproductive while being displayed is to give them more value.

By integrating your Klipfolio dashboard into a Databoard info screen you can present the KPIs next to the company goals and (internal) news. To give a simple example, here is our own Databoard info screen for our Marketing team. We have Klipfolio on one side of the screen, which gives us an overview of our website KPIs. On the other side, there are several options; We sometimes visualize our goals for the year or the successes we have achieved or we present company culture quotes.

The achievements visualized on the Databoard keeps the motivation going and the company culture messages on the Databoard inspires us to do our job better. The most important of all you are up-to-date about what is happening in and outside of the company and you know your KPIs.


Contact us to get a better overview

If you are interested in a Klipfolio dashboard and in having a better overview of what is happening in your organization, give us a call or contact us through our form or chat.

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