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My Boss F*cked My Office Plant!

When my talented team and I have brainstorming sessions, that’s where the magic happens, that’s where we create new ideas. There is a high level of electric energy in the room, and I can tell that the staff is more happy and effective during the rest of the day. For me, I can feel that electric feeling the entire day, but it was not always like this for me and it is not like this for everyone.

Lessons learned & why I want to build the greatest workplace 

I have worked in the service industry and in sales the past 20 years. In these last 20 years, I have had 1 or 2 great bosses and also a lot of lousy bosses.
In one of my sales jobs, I started as a trainee selling IT products. During this job, I had to book my own meetings over the phone and do the selling on my own. I had no idea what I was selling, but that didn’t matter only the selling counted.

I learned a lot here, especially from my first sales boss. He would kick through the door of my very small office and say “WHAT HAVE YOU SOLD TODAY”.

I always told him “well since it is Monday morning 8:00 am, I haven’t talked to any clients over the weekend, so I haven’t sold anything”. He would then tell me “CALL THIS client UP AND LLL” (LYV, LUK OG LØB, it rhymes in Danish) and means “lie, close the case and run”. Every time the number of sales was not enough for him he would start harassing my office plant. I loved that plant, but it got ugly sometimes when the sales were totally wrong.

Because I disliked his aggressive selling method and the mentality of being 110% focused on the budget and having a few upset clients, rather than focusing 90% of the budget and having all satisfied customers. It was this reason that I was never really motivated to perform at my very best.

I do have the impression that in sales departments around the world there is a lack of motivation and the position is being looked down upon. With this, I mean that sales in many years have been only a cold canvas to new clients, and you need to be a special breed of person to be comfortable and good with calling new client all day. I hate it, so I have always tried to find other approaches, but my approach was always rejected with the words “No, we have always done it this way”.

I remember new people got hired every month. When they didn’t make the sales cut they got sacked after 2-3 months, so every month someone was getting fired. I never really talked to the new people, not until they made it to their 6th month.

Me: I believe I have….
My boss: stop, believing is what you do in church, WHAT HAVE YOU SOLD!!!!

However, this situation made me think, about what kind of salesman and boss I want to be.

Four promises for the future

Times are changing, you can’t stay successful as a leader if you dictate your employees. You will fail as a salesman if you don’t adapt to all the new different ways of selling and getting in touch with potential clients.
Job seekers have higher expectations of their employers and will not tolerate the experience I have had. Customers have also higher demands and expect a certain customer service, it’s not only about the price anymore.
That’s why I promised myself four things when I started Databoard:

  • To be a leader that’s always ready to help his employees
  • Welcome all ideas even the silly ones during brainstorm sessions
  • Be transparent with employees and customers
  • Give employees the freedom in how they think things should be done, so they can explore and develop themselves

Positive work environment for all

Now I must say that my work is my everything. I think about my work all the time (in a healthy way ?), I love my job. I can come home from work dancing of happiness, especially after a brainstorming session where we really plan some good ideas. All day long I can feel a tingling in my fingers and small happy sparks in my brain.

I want everyone else to have the same positive experience at work as me and my team has. As a leader and salesman, I want Databoard to be inspiring and support employees and leaders in their creativity in any profession or level. I want them to have the same amount of desire to go to work as I have, no matter how high the workload is.

Employees can use Databoard for professional matters and also for fun matters at work. For example sharing fun jokes or images through the video and image module. Having fun on the job will help them to stay positive and happy with their colleagues and profession. Which consequently will lead to having and attaining a positive attitude after working hours. My team and I believe that we can achieve this goal together with you and the Databoard info-screen.

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