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Not Convinced Yet? Here Is The Databoard Vision

We all know the feeling of working with outdated software, where the entire user experience doesn’t exist.

“That was the constant feedback I received while working with some top digital signage software on the market. It is also something I experienced myself. That’s why we developed Databoard to foster the user experience” – Rasmus Brushøj, Co-founder & CEO at Databoard.

The Vision

The Databoard vision is to make a system, where you can drag and drop screen solutions as easy as email in MailChimp. Integrate integrations as easy as adding chrome extensions, because they are already pre-made. Remove the troubles of creating and adding content to the info-screen with help of programmers and designers. Everybody with access to the Editor can create and upload content on the Databoard info-screen without the help of programmers or designers.

Databoard Module Market

App store is a brilliant solution, and we will create a similar platform for the Module Market of the Databoard info-screen. Imagine the top 5 software solutions from every department in a company can be integrated and visualized for all employees on one screen. A dashboard for all dashboards, all through a few clicks.

In short, we are creating a new and easy way to improve internal communication for companies and employees. Do you want to chat about Databoard? Book a demo!

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