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This is what you get:



Visualize the time, the date and your company logo and identity with this module.



With this module you can integrate any https website on your info-screen important for your business (e.g. like Klipfolio and Geckoboard).



Show the weather forecasts for different cities that are relevant to your business. It’s always nice to know if it’s raining tomorrow, right?

Video player

News RSS Feed

With the module, you can follow any news source that is relevant to your business (e.g. CNN, BBC and TV2). It’s great way to add more life to your Databoard.

Video player

Video module

Integrate interesting, informative or artistic YouTube and Vimeo video’s to your info-screen

Photo slider

Photo module

With the Photo module it’s easy to share and publish interesting, informative or artistic images and photos to your screen.

Photo slider

Info slider

This module ensures that all your employees are well informed about all the internal news regarding your organization or company.

Internal news slider

Internal news slider

Share your company news through this module with help of text and image.

Databoard player

Databoard player

The Databoard player makes sure the right information is presented on your screen. Connect it to your screen with an HDMI and network cable and it is ready for use.

This is what we’re working on:


  • Facebook social media wall and other social media channels
  • Calendar overview (integrations with Exchange & Google)
  • Full screen alert messages
  • Food planner / Menu
  • KPIs via Google Spreadsheets
  • KPIs via Google Analytics
  • Other social media channels


  • Salesforce
  • Geckoboard
  • Klipfolio
  • Stripe
  • Pipedrive
  • Finance overview

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Rasmus Brushøj, CEO and co-founder